Parking Management Services & Technology

Our tailored technology solutions are designed to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and ROI of any parking management system. We’ve implemented over 50 customized installations, from small-scale operations to large multi-million dollar projects.

Our parking management services use contemporary technologies to create revenue streams and profit centers while bringing your financials under control. From real-time reporting and exacting monetary controls, to the ease and convenience of online parking reservations, our systems deliver excellent customer experiences and verifiable revenue enhancement. As a leading parking management company, our team has decades of experience implementing comprehensive, seamless parking technology systems. We’ve helped countless clients improve the efficiency, accuracy, and ROI of their parking facilities.

For Valet Parking clients, our team partners with the industry leader in automated valet technology. This system utilizes progressive technology and wireless handheld devices that seamlessly interface with most hotels’ PMS system. In addition to adding a robust Valet Text retrieval and payment system, the back-end software allows countless accountability and report features that maximize revenue collection while mitigating attrition and theft. As part of our standard proposal, AAA Parking often funds a capital investment to equip prospective properties with this technology. AAA Parking has implemented more than fifty customized and unique equipment installations, from simple small-scale operations to large multi-million dollar projects. All equipment is PCI compliant and has been vetted with almost every major hotel brand. The experience and relationship AAA Parking shares with our equipment vendors create great synergy and efficiencies that will immediately benefit your property.

For Self-Parking clients, our automated self-parking technology partners with most hotel PMS systems. Using bar codes for inventory control, our tracking system provides a clear picture of your guest’s vehicle experience from arrival to departure. The validation process is configured and self-managed by the owner/operator using straightforward, proven, and easily expandable technology. Our system delivers accountability and reporting features that maximize revenue collection while mitigating attrition and theft. Automated parking access control for self-parking means reduced expenses and more satisfied customers, with the ability to remotely resolve service issues. We’re always on the lookout for additional technologies to keep your parking operation on the cutting edge.

Our proprietary Online Data Management System (ODMS), including our Revenue Management System (RMS), creates strong internal controls to ensure financial security and real-time reporting. Using exclusive cloud-based software, ODMS provides you with a Property Management Portal to access online shift reporting, customized, real-time reports, and historical data. Bank deposits are automatically reconciled, eliminating manual keying.

You can avoid game-day gridlock by offering customers our Online Reservation Service. By pre-booking parking, your guests decide where they want to park, select a rate, make an electronic payment, and print a ticket and map to their space. Online reservations reduce traffic congestion, eliminate searching for a space, provide access to customer service, and are available on mobile devices.