Colleges & Universities

As your school’s funding challenges grow, you need to ensure every campus department is performing at optimum efficiency. We specialize in management of student, administration, and visitor lots, as well as off-campus and special event parking. Through rigorous research and careful planning, our team partners with yours to create a customized operations plan for your unique campus needs and revenue goals.



Parking Management for Colleges and Universities


Is your school maximizing parking revenue and making sure campus stakeholders enjoy positive parking experiences? AAA Parking is a comprehensive university campus parking vendor. We specialize in expert management of student, administrative, and visitor lots, as well as off-campus, special event parking, and campus game day parking. We pay attention to every detail, taking your entire campus parking infrastructure into account to identify new ways to make your parking operations profitable. We’ll create a customized operations plan that delivers on your unique campus needs and revenue goals. 


We’re the experts at delivering day to day and game day solutions.

Traffic Flow

With the variety of parking options on your campus and a population that can change daily, you’ve got all the elements needed for chaos, especially on a game day. AAA Parking brings consistent order with a custom plan that efficiently uses every available space. We’ll keep your guests and their vehicles efficiently moving with warm and courteous interactions.

Revenue Control

We carefully and diligently monitor revenue and operations, which allows us to take quick corrective actions. Advanced technology allows us to identify potential savings without compromising customer satisfaction. Quarterly site inspections, monthly revenue reporting, and profitability analysis mean verifiable financial results.

Operational Solutions

Our college and university partners have 24/7 access to our executive leadership. You can depend on us for hands-on operations and immediate conflict resolution. Responsiveness means issues such as those related to staffing, claims, and billing are resolved quickly, resulting in superior service for your users and worry-free operations for you.

Asset Management

Facility design, space usage, and adherence to proper revenue controls all play a vital role in your bottom line. You’ll experience maximized profits from our customized service plan designed to lower costs and capture all available revenue from your campus parking infrastructure.

True Partnership

We’re not just another vendor. Our passion to be a partner who knows you, reflects your vision, and is dedicated to achieving your goals is the foundation of our business. And the basis for our 60 year record of never having lost a client due to performance.


A Full-Service Campus Parking Partner 


AAA Parking is a family-run business, smaller than many of our competitors, allowing us to be attentive and responsive to the unique needs of your school. We’ll listen to your needs and craft a unique parking management strategy that works for your campus. We provide convenient and efficient collegiate game day parking services for many college and university partners, such as Auburn University in Alabama. We have over 60 years of experience analyzing parking facilities to determine how they can operate most efficiently. We also integrate the most current and innovative parking technologies to provide cutting-edge parking solutions at reasonable prices. 

Campus parking services should be convenient, affordable, and efficient. All AAA Parking agreements are customized to reflect the specific needs of the client and the possibilities afforded by your university infrastructure. Terms vary based on the size of the property, market conditions, specific operational logistics, rates, capital equipment investments, services provided and specific client requests. Our property analysis and parking management teams are the most professional and capable available, and we utilize industry-leading parking technology.

The AAAs of Service card – Attitude, Assistance, and Appearance – is the most important part of our employee uniform. We emphasize these service standards in pre-shift staff meetings and our team members provide college and university valet and self-parking services consistent with them. We always look professional, keep a positive attitude, and are friendly and attentive to patients, staff and visitors.


Custom University Parking Management Solutions


AAA Parking is an established college and university parking vendor. We have the experience and scalable resources – physical infrastructure, technology, and staffing – to provide excellent parking services for any college or university. Whether your school is small or large, private or public, our team can ensure smooth operations, happy stakeholders, and maximized revenue.

We begin every college and university parking management relationship by performing a thorough property evaluation to understand your physical space and resources as well as your school culture. Then we create a customized plan, unique to your campus, designed to deliver the finest valet, self-parking, and event parking services available.

Efficiency and curbside professionalism can mean the difference between satisfied customers who will return to future campus events and frustrated one-time visitors. AAA Parking has earned an unrivaled reputation in special and major event parking services and we provide industry-leading collegiate game day parking services. We focus on smooth traffic flow, transaction etiquette, and warm hospitality to make our clients’ events successful. 


Parking Technology


We constantly integrate new technologies into our college and university parking management clients’ operations. Technological innovation creates flexibility for both customers and event facilities. Visitors can reserve game day parking online in advance and use their phones or printed certificates to access parking. This results in fewer traffic issues, more efficient space usage, and happier customers. We also work with third party innovators like Park Whiz and Waze to help customers plan their transportation to and from events in advance.

New parking technologies also create a better customer experience by eliminating points of friction usually found in campus parking infrastructures. License plate recognition, valet vehicle tracking, and pay-on-foot options get your customers in and out of campus parking facilities seamlessly. Our Online Reservation Service eases traffic flow at big concerts and campus sporting events. By pre-booking parking, your guests decide where they want to park, select a rate, make an electronic payment, and print a ticket that includes a map to their space. Online reservations reduce traffic congestion, eliminate searching for a space, provide access to customer service, and are readily available on mobile devices. All of our systems are PCI-compliant and reflect best practices set forth by the credit card industry. Your visitors’ data is secure.

For new clients, we evaluate available parking solutions and recommend systems that fit your needs – computerized valet tracking systems, PMS interfaces, or revenue and parking access control equipment. Maximizing revenue doesn’t just mean bringing in more. It also means protecting yourself from unexpected liabilities. Smart technologies are a proactive way to prevent damage claims and keep students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors satisfied.