Event & Venue Parking

Every time the lights go up, it’s an opportunity to shine, and as your performers change, so do your parking needs. We offer a level of flexibility unmatched in the industry, with the financial strength you count on. Count on us for the custom-tailored organization and stability your events and customers demand.

Custom Event & Venue Parking Solutions


Efficiency and curbside professionalism can mean the difference between satisfied customers who will return to future events and frustrated one-time visitors. AAA Parking has earned an unrivaled reputation in special and major event parking services and we provide industry-leading sports venue parking services. We focus on smooth traffic flow, transaction etiquette, and warm hospitality to make our clients’ events successful. 

AAA Parking is a major event parking company. We have the experience and scalable resources – physical infrastructure, technology, and staffing – to provide excellent parking services for any event or venue. Whether your event is small or large, private or public, valet parking or self-parking, our team can ensure smooth operations, happy guests, and maximized revenue.


Enjoy flawless events with maximum ROI.


Traffic Flow

Well before an event, we’re preparing, training, and rehearsing procedures and logistics to ensure a smooth and seamless event. Plus, our available online parking reservations can bring an end to the typical frustration of finding a parking space that’s too often the main thing patrons reme

Revenue Control

By continuously monitoring operations, we can flag problems and quickly take corrective action. Advanced technology allows us to identify potential savings without compromising customer satisfaction. Strict, accurate controls mean verifiable financial results.

Operational Solutions

With our executive leadership on site for your event, you can depend on hands-on operations and immediate problem resolution. This responsiveness results in superior service for your patrons and worry-free operations for you.

Asset Management

Efficient space usage and adherence to proper revenue controls all play a vital role in your event’s return on investment. You’ll experience maximized profits from our customized service plan designed to lower your costs and capture all available revenue from your parking options.


We’re not just another vendor. Our passion to be a partner who knows you, reflects your vision, and is dedicated to achieving your goals is the foundation of our business. And the basis for our 58 year record of never having lost a client due to performance.

Full Range of Event & Venue Parking Services


AAA Parking has over 2000 employees, more than 120 expert salaried managers, and 3 regional corporate offices that can be employed to coordinate successful events. This wealth of local support and personnel, as well as unmatched access to and knowledge of local infrastructure, gives us the flexibility to provide event parking at prices that beat our competitors, saving you money and providing excellent customer service.

AAA Parking is an event venue parking company that designs customized service plans for events to avoid disruption, lower costs, and capture all available parking revenue. Well before an event, we analyze your parking needs and create a customized plan of action. As the event approaches, our team moves on site, preparing, training, and rehearsing logistics to ensure a smooth and seamless performance. We maintain attention to detail from start to finish. We want all our clients to have the peace of mind that their event is in good hands.

AAA Parking understands that repeat customers are the lifeblood of any business. We value the working relationships we have cultivated over more than six decades in the parking business. We can help make your event a success.


State-of-the-Art Event Parking Technology


AAA Parking constantly integrates new technologies into event and venue parking management. Technological innovation has created flexibility for customers and event facilities. People can reserve parking online in advance and use their phones or printed certificates to access parking. We work with third party innovators like Park Whiz and Waze to help customers plan their transportation to and from events in advance.

New parking technologies create a better customer experience. License plate recognition, valet vehicle tracking, pay-on-foot options get your customers in and out of your parking facility seamlessly. Our Online Reservation Service eases traffic flow at big concerts and sporting event venues. By pre-booking parking, your guests decide where they want to park, select a rate, make an electronic payment, and print a ticket and map to their space. Online reservations reduce traffic congestion, eliminate searching for a space, provide access to customer service, and are available on mobile devices. All of our systems are PCI-compliant and reflect best practices set forth by the credit card industry. Your customer data is secure.

For new clients, we evaluate available parking solutions and recommend systems that fit your needs – computerized valet tracking systems, PMS interfaces, or revenue and parking access control equipment. Maximizing revenue doesn’t just mean bringing in more. It also means protecting yourself from unexpected liabilities. Smart technologies are a proactive way to prevent damage claims and keep your customers satisfied. 


Event Operations and Set-Up


Communication. Planning. Execution. From small destination weddings to the Superbowl, AAA Parking has the skills and experience to make sure the guests at your event have a positive experience. Event parking is the fastest growing sector in the parking industry, and evolving technology is creating new opportunities for the special events that help your business be successful and make money.

We provide all the infrastructure needed to make events successful. We deploy portable event facilities and restrooms, portable lighting, and custom signage suitable for highways or secondary streets to facilitate traffic flow. Experienced on-site managers  and skilled team members ensure that our parking services suit your event needs.

AAA Parking knows how to efficiently utilize the physical space at different venues to optimize the event parking experience for guests and maximize financial returns for clients. We have managed sporting event parking for large universities like Auburn, Florida Atlantic, and Kennesaw State for decades. The High Museum and the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center trust us to make sure concert attendees have memorable special event experiences. We have handled parking for airshows and football games at huge arenas, street festivals and wine tastings, intimate weddings and large corporate functions.   

We take event and venue security extremely seriously. We hire the strongest professionals in the industry to staff events, carefully vetting potential team members and utilizing an extremely thorough Mystery Shopper program to maintain a skilled team. Your event will be staffed by experienced and professional AAA Parking employees.


AAAs of Service


The AAAs of Service card – Attitude, Assistance, and Appearance – is the most important part of our employee uniform. We emphasize these service standards in pre-shift staff meetings and our team members provide event parking services consistent with them. We always look professional, are friendly and attentive to guests, keep a positive attitude, and thank guests for their business.

We emphasize the AAAs of Service – Attitude, Assistance, and Appearance – in all interactions between team members and customers. These service standards are emphasized in pre-shift staff meetings. Our teams provide event parking services consistent with them. We always look professional, are friendly and attentive to customers, keep a positive attitude, and thank guests for their business.

AAA Parking employs multiple strategies to monitor guest valet experiences and ensure that the AAAs of Service standards are upheld. We are responsive to customer feedback. We rely on Secret Shopper reports to detail every interaction in the event or venue parking experience, from the initial greeting to departure – who serves the guest, how their needs are met, the promptness of service, and how vehicles are cared for. Everything we do is designed to ensure visitors have a friendly and efficient event valet parking experience.