Hospitality Parking

Looking for a seamless extension of your staff? AAA specializes in valet service personnel specially trained to wow your guests from arrival to departure. We take the time to get to know you and your operation, then design a customized solution for your property. Because we’re committed to becoming valuable members of your team, our team is personally invested in surpassing your guests’ expectations every time.


Hospitality Parking Management


Hospitality parking management is a large part of our business. AAA Parking is proud to provide valet and self-parking services for prestigious hotel and resort properties across the country, including the InterContinental Los Angeles, the tallest building in the Western United States, the InterContinental Buckhead, the Atlanta Marriot Marquis — our first valet contract in 1991, and many others, including respected hospitality brands such as Hilton, Hyatt, Loews, Starwood, and Four Seasons.    

At AAA Parking, we have over six decades of experience providing the finest hotel and resort parking management in the industry. Our valet parking specialists are trained to deliver consistent customer service: anticipating guest needs, always taking care to maintain a friendly and professional appearance, and promptly delivering vehicles. 


Our Full-Range Parking Services can ensure your hotel and resort guests have a white glove experience and your business gets the best return on investment:


Traffic Flow

The first contact with a staff member sets the tone of your guests’ total experience of your offering. With AAA Parking services, each guest will appreciate a warm, courteous experience from arrival to departure. Every touch is carried out by a uniformed member of our valet staff, specially trained in sterling customer service practices and procedures. Our valets are so invested in fitting seamlessly into your operation, they are often considered by guests to be standout members of your regular staff.

Revenue Control

By continuously monitoring revenue and operations, we can flag problems and quickly take corrective action. Advanced technology allows us to identify potential savings without compromising your guests’ satisfaction. Quarterly site inspections, monthly revenue reporting, and profitability analysis mean verifiable financial results.

Operational Solutions

With 24/7 access to our executive leadership, you can depend on hands-on operations and immediate conflict resolution. This responsiveness means staffing, claims, billing, and other problems are resolved quickly, resulting in superior service for your guests and worry-free operations for you.

Asset Management

Facility design, space usage, and adherence to proper revenue controls all play a vital role in your bottom line. You’ll experience maximized profits from our customized service plan designed to lower your costs and capture all available revenue from your parking options.


We’re not just another vendor. Our passion to be a partner who knows you, reflects your vision, and is dedicated to exceeding your goals is the foundation of our business. And the basis for our almost sixty year record of never having lost a client due to performance.

Explore the great services and solid financial results our partners count on us for – call today at 404.525.5959.

Custom Hospitality Parking Solutions


Positive guest experiences lead to repeat business and increased profits. AAA Parking provides  hotel and resort parking service personnel specially trained to wow your guests from arrival to departure. We take the time to get to know you and your operation, then design a customized solution for your property. Healthy cooperation between your hotel employees and our parking specialists is key. We’re committed to surpassing your guests’ expectations every time. 

We begin every hospitality parking management relationship by performing a thorough property evaluation to understand your physical space and resources as well as your business culture. Then we create a customized plan unique to your hotel or resort property that’s designed to deliver the finest valet and self-parking services available.

We can handle large hotel and resort properties, but we’re not a huge company. AAA Parking has the management expertise and well-trained staff to ensure seamless and efficient hotel and resort parking management for clients, regardless of the size and scope of their business. From small boutique hotels to some of the largest and busiest properties in the country, we deliver industry-leading valet parking services that keep our clients’ guests coming back. 

AAA Parking has been a family-run business, based in Atlanta, since 1956. Healthy relationships and good communication are crucial to our success. We are always attentive to our clients’ changing needs and are committed to serving as a trusted extension of your hospitality team and your company’s strategic vision. 


What to Expect


  • Experienced and professional hotel and resort parking services. 
  • A dedicated manager with a clear understanding of your brand standards and the logistics of your property always on-site at your property. 
  • Seamless curbside service and worry-free operations.

We’re not just another vendor. AAA Parking’s experienced executive leadership and advanced technology allow us to quickly identify and respond to problems without compromising your guests’ experience. Strict, accurate controls mean strong accountability and verifiable financial results. We also carry a multi-million dollar umbrella insurance policy with Travelers Insurance to protect clients fully from any possible liability.

We use space efficiently to avoid disruption, lower your costs, and capture all available revenue from your hospitality parking services. We want long-term, profitable relationships with our clients and we can help you maximize your return on investment.


AAAs of Service


The AAAs of Service card – Attitude, Assistance, and Appearance – is the most important part of our employee uniform. We emphasize these service standards in pre- and post-shift staff meetings and our team members provide resort and hotel valet and self-parking services consistent with them. We always look professional, are friendly and attentive to guests, keep a positive attitude, and thank guests for their business.

AAA Parking employs multiple strategies to monitor guest experiences and ensure that the AAAs of Service standards are upheld. We compile guest satisfaction scores at hotels and resort properties, review them regularly with staff, and are responsive to customer feedback. We also rely on Secret Shopper reports to detail every interaction in the hotel parking experience, from the initial greeting to departure – who serves the guest, how their needs are met, the promptness of service, and how vehicles are cared for. Everything we do is designed to ensure a friendly, efficient, and satisfying guest valet experience.