Healthcare Parking

You go to great lengths to make sure your healthcare staff treats patients with care and respect. Why should what goes on outside the office be any different? AAA brings a patient-focused and financially rewarding solution to an often-overshadowed part of the patient experience. With excellence in appearance, hospitality, and revenue control, we deliver satisfaction from the parking facility to the financial results.

Hospital and Healthcare Parking Solutions


You go to great lengths to make sure your healthcare staff treat patients with care and respect. Why should what happens in your parking facilities be any different? AAA Parking brings professionalism and efficiency to healthcare parking management, an often-overlooked part of the patient experience. Our skilled parking team will always treat both your patients and your staff with respect and courtesy. And our strict adherence to quality and revenue control will help you maximize parking revenues.


The prescription for service and revenue wellbeing.

Traffic Flow

Patients and families come to your hospital with enough on their minds. We keep traffic moving efficiently with courteous interactions. With AAA Parking services, your patrons will appreciate a warm, hassle-free experience from admission to discharge.

Revenue Control

By continuously monitoring revenue and operations, we can flag problems and quickly take corrective action. Advanced technology allows us to identify potential savings without compromising your customers’ satisfaction. Quarterly site inspections, monthly revenue reporting, and profitability analysis mean verifiable financial results.

Operational Solutions

With 24/7 access to our staff and executive leadership, you can depend on hands-off operations and immediate conflict resolution. This responsiveness means customer service, staffing, claims, billing, and other problems are resolved quickly, resulting in superior service for your populations and worry-free operations for you.

Asset Management

Facility design, space usage, and adherence to proper revenue controls all play a vital role in your bottom line. You’ll experience maximized profits from our customized service plan designed to lower your costs and capture all available revenue from your parking facility.


We’re not just another vendor. Our passion to be a partner who knows you, reflects your vision, and is dedicated to achieving your goals is the foundation of our business. And the basis for our 58 year record of never having lost a client due to performance.


Consulting Process


AAA Parking’s skilled consultants are dedicated to developing customized parking solutions for your facility. Since 1956, AAA Parking has maintained a tradition of commitment and service. We offer comprehensive parking property analysis services to a wide array of properties — from hospitals to event arenas, property management firms to resorts and hotels — including a longstanding successful partnership providing healthcare parking services for Grady Hospital in downtown Atlanta.


Research and Analysis


AAA Parking performs thorough research on-site at your parking facilities before submitting any bid for a contract. We want to understand your business model, the challenges you face, and your goals. Pre-bid site visits help us identify areas that can be improved upon before we enter into a parking management partnership with a new client. For example, for many facilities customer satisfaction can be improved with technology upgrades and a more thorough and consistent maintenance plan.


Design and Planning


Design and planning are critical elements of operational success. Our experienced design and utilization professionals know how to implement innovative parking solutions for any operation, and always look for new ways to maximize revenues at existing parking facilities.


Full Range of Parking Management Services 


Hospitals and other healthcare centers often have specific very parking needs. Our management team has decades of experience providing solutions tailored to healthcare industry clients. We provide quick and professional hospital valet services, as well as greeters, hospital shuttles, and healthcare concierges. 

AAA Parking’s healthcare parking management teams will implement a strategy to ensure efficient traffic flow into and out of your facilities for patients and staff, as well as convenient entry and egress plans for emergency vehicles. We make sure everyone who parks at your facility has consistently safe and positive parking experiences – and that you get excellent return on investment.


Advanced Parking Technology


AAA Parking is constantly integrating new technologies into the healthcare parking facilities we manage. Technological innovation creates flexibility for you and your guests. New parking technologies such as license plate recognition, valet vehicle tracking, and pay-on-foot options create a more streamlined experience for your guests and your staff members.  These technologies also alleviate traffic issues and help get your patients and staff in and out of hospital parking facilities seamlessly.  All of our systems are PCI-compliant and reflect best practices set forth by the credit card industry. Your patients, staff, and visitors’ data will always be secure.

For new clients, we evaluate available parking solutions and recommend systems that fit your unique needs. Computerized valet tracking systems, PMS interfaces, and revenue and parking access control equipment can streamline management of your parking operation. Maximizing revenue doesn’t just mean bringing in more, it also means protecting yourself from unexpected liabilities. Smart technologies are a proactive way to prevent damage claims and keep hospital stakeholders satisfied. 


Our High Standard of Service


The AAAs of Service card — Attitude, Assistance, and Appearance — is the most important part of our employee uniform. We emphasize these service standards in pre-shift staff meetings and our team members provide hospital valet and self-parking services consistent with them. Our team members are well-versed in American Disability Act compliance and are trained to always prioritize safety and patient well-being.  We always look professional, keep a positive attitude, and are friendly and attentive to patients, staff and visitors. 


Custom Healthcare Parking Solutions


We begin every partnership by performing a thorough property evaluation to understand your physical space and resources as well as your business needs. Our healthcare parking experts will go on-site at your facility and identify any areas of improvement such as parking technologies, traffic flow, organization of usable space, or maintenance issues. We’ll then create a customized plan unique to your healthcare parking facility that is designed to rectify issues, deliver the finest parking services available, and improve your bottom line.

AAA Parking has over 2,000 employees, more than 120 expert salaried managers, and 3 regional corporate offices to support you and quickly respond to any issues that may arise. We have unmatched access to and knowledge of local infrastructure, giving us the flexibility to provide highly responsive support, which can save you money while providing excellent customer experiences for your guests and staff.

Efficiency and curbside professionalism can make a huge difference for patients arriving at a hospital or healthcare facility. Our valets are extensively trained to deliver services with appropriate empathy and care. We focus on smooth traffic flow, transaction etiquette, and warm hospitality to make the parking experience positive for healthcare facility patients, staff and visitors. 

AAA Parking is a major healthcare parking vendor. We have six decades of experience and scalable resources — physical infrastructure, technology, and staffing — to provide excellent parking services for any event or venue. No matter the specific needs and size of your hospital parking facility, our team can ensure smooth operations, patients and staff who feel valued and respected, and maximized revenue.